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Sculptor's Residence

Sonoma County, California

Topographic view of Sculptor's Residence
Ground-level view of Sculptor's Residence site
Interior Rendering of Sculptor's Residenve
Interior of Sculptor's Residence, looking out
Central Interior View, Sculptor's Residence
Exterior landscape view ofSculptor's Residence

The owner, who is based in New York, is a sculptor whose primary medium is large-scale steel. He also has a fabrication yard in Petaluma, California where he builds in the colder winter months. For 30 years he has dreamed of building on a property nearby — a place not only where he can stay, but also “a place where artists and scientists can come and talk.” The site is located on a 59-acre parcel; it is high on a ridge to take advantage of the sweeping views but level enough to minimize disruption of the topography. The house is nestled adjacent to an existing grove of old-growth oaks, with the trees acting as a veil through which the building slowly reveals itself.

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