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Tamalpais Valley

Marin County, California

Tamalpais Valley Residence, Exterior View
Tamalpais Valley Residence – Interior
Tamalpais Valley Residence – Interior Great Room
Tamalpais Valley Residence – Bedroom
Tamalpais Valley Roof Deck
Tamalpais Valley Residence – Façade

The project is located on a forgotten parcel of land, just outside the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. The nearly half-acre, heavily-wooded site, lies just above a creek at the end of a road. To navigate the steep terrain, trees, and creek setback, the house organizes itself into two efficient bars. The Living Bar — sheathed in reclaimed wood boards like a fallen tree — projects from the hillside to capture light and focus on distant views. In contrast, the Sleeping Bar follows the topography and is tucked into the hillside. Long and narrow to minimize “cut”, and constructed of concrete to retain the earth, the Sleeping Bar also serves as the house's “backyard”. Stairs at each end of the house lead to the roof deck, which features an outdoor kitchen, dining patio, fire-pit and hot-tub.

Structural Engineer: Structus

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