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San Jose State Museum of Art

San Jose, California

San Jose State Museum of Art – Model
SJSM – Model 2
SJSM model – Night View
SJSM model – Night View 2
SJSM – Exploded Axonometric
SJSM Building Section

A competition entry for a new art museum, to be located within the courtyard of the existing Art Department Building at San Jose State University. By maintaining a small footprint, the proposal locates the museum at the center of the courtyard, preserving the integrity of the courtyard and maintaining the existing building’s access to light and air. The design locates the bulk of the program above or below the Ground Level, freeing up that level to read as an extension of the courtyard. An Auditorium, Art Storage and Restrooms are located below the courtyard with an access tunnel to the existing building, while floating above the Ground Floor are two levels of galleries. At the top level are two lofts: temporary housing and studio spaces for visiting artists which open onto a private courtyard in the sky. Wedged between the exterior glass skin of the building and the floating wood-clad volume, stairs circumambulate. As patrons ascend and descend the stairs they catch glimpses of students painting, drawing and welding in the Art Building across the way. 


Bassel Samaha while with C. David Robinson Architects

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