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Los Altos

Los Altos, California

Los Altos Residence: Facade
Los Altos Residence: Entryway
Los Altos Residence: Living Area
Los Altos Residence: Interior Stair
Los Altos Residence: Dining Area
Los Altos Residence: Courtyard
Los Altos Residenc: Back of House, Night View

This project involved the construction of a new 2,900 square foot single family home on a tight suburban lot. The house is organized into four staggered levels that are accessed by a cascading central staircase that is sky-lit from above. Each level has direct access to a dedicated outdoor area: the Master Bedroom Level to a Balcony, the Great Room to a Dining Patio, and the lower two levels — the Children’s Bedroom Level and the Family/Guest Room Level — to sunken Courtyards.


In collaboration with KallosTurin


Structural Engineer: Yu Strandberg Engineering

Photography: Joe Fletcher

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