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Stretch the Imagination

Corte Madera, California

Stretch the Imagination – Door open
Stretch the Imagination – Kids Playing
Stretch the Imagination – Kids Yoga
Stretch the Imagination – Art Class
Stretch the Imagination Classroom
Stretch the Imagination – Art Class 2

Stretch the Imagination is an educational facility teaching art, yoga, and music to children. The program called for two Classrooms, a multi-purpose “Movement Room”, a Lobby, Kitchen, and Bathrooms. The existing space had tall ceilings, skylights and windows along two sides. To maintain the quality of light throughout, and ensure visual and acoustical privacy, large clerestory windows were located above the new walls. Cork flooring, recycled tile, low VOC finishes and other sustainable materials were incorporated as part of the owners’ commitment to the environment. The Movement Room is separated from the Lobby by a screen with perforated openings, allowing a peek into the activities for parents and siblings alike.


Structural Engineer: Jon Brody Structural Engineers

Photography: Sharon Risedorph

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