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San Francisco, California

Boulibar in SF Ferry Buildng
Boulibar, dining room
Boulibar, dining room
Boulibar, dining and kitchen
Boulibar, full dining room

At the south end of the historic Ferry Building, Boulibar is the new, forty-six seat, “sister” restaurant to the existing and remodeled Boulettes Larder. Sharing some of the same finishes, and with a similar color palette, as the existing space, Boulibar is intended to be new, yet feel familiar. Unique to Boulibar are elements such as bronze and terrazzo countertops, brass pendant lighting, a beaded screen and smoked mirrors; with the focal point of the space being the bronze clad wood burning pizza-oven.

In collaboration with KallosTurin

Kitchen Designer: Frank Muller

Photography: Bruce Damonte

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